The Distinguished Club Plan 2017 -2018
Park City Toastmasters Club # 6782, Area D3.

Last Updated: September 16, 2016

Website: Park City Toastmasters Club


Park City Toastmasters Club began the year with a membership of 43 members. Park City Toastmasters Club needs 20 members by June 30th, 2018 to qualify for the Distinguished Club Program.

Goals 1 - 4 Communication Development

Our Plan to support our Club Members achieve their Educational Goals:

In addition to providing three speaking slots per meeting, we will organize at least two additional evening meetings that will be structured to allow lots of speeches during the course of this Toastmaster year.

newspaper The Park Record. Several articles have been published.

2. Several members are radio DJs, write for the radio, and/or have radio


3. Go into the public schools to conduct public speaking workshops

Club Members of Park City Toastmasters Club who plan on completing a communication award this year:

Competent Communicator 1: Chris Cochella on 2017-05-31

Competent Communicator 2: Nguyet Nguyen (Nugget) on 2017-06-30

Competent Communicator 3: Jamie Crane Mauzy on 2017-06-30

Competent Communicator 4: Neil Kuhner on 2017-06-30

Advanced Communicator 1: Tess Whitty on 2017-05-31

Advanced Communicator 2: Marielle Pariseau on 2017-05-31

Goals 5 - 6 Leadership Development

Club Members of Park City Toastmasters Club who plan on completing a leadership award this year:

CL, AL or DTM: Sue-Ann Kern on 2017-05-31

CL, AL or DTM: John Fry on 2017-05-31

Goals 7-8 Membership Growth

Our Plan to attract new members and keep current members:
1. Conduct exciting meetings that attract new members and encourage existing members to invite others to, 2. Advertise special events like contests and evening meetings, and 3. invite guests via personal invitations, business cards, radio interviews, newspaper articles to attend special member drive theme meetings.

Goal 9 Club Officer Training

Our Plan to get 75% of our Club Officers trained in the Summer AND in the Winter:

1. Recruit a minimum of four officers to attend officer training this Dec-Feb 2. host the spring officer training and recruit our officers to help facilitate (and learn), 3. mentor incoming successors, and 4. educate the members on what officer do via email and speeches.

2. Continue to invite members and guests for coffee afterwards.

3. Have club leadership reach out to existing members to encourage them in the

pursuit of their leadership and speaker tracks

4. Be pro-active in following up regularly with new members

5. Have mentors follow up with those assigned to them

6. Continue to have two evening parties a year to build comradarie

8. Recognize member accomplishments regularly

4 officers from club Park City Toastmasters Club completed training in the Summer TLI.

4 officers from club Park City Toastmasters Club completed training in the Winter TLI.

Goal 10 Club Management

Our Plan for our Club to submit Officer's Lists on time:
Remind the secretary and treasurer to be prompt in renewals and election notices.

How can the Area Director assist your Club to be successful?

Asking Park City to hold the Spring conference!

The Park City Toastmasters Club President has requested a meeting with the Area D3 Director on 2016-09-16 to review the club’s Success Plan.

Club Park City Toastmasters Club will review the success plan quarterly