The Distinguished Club Plan 2017 -2018
Surpassing Excellence Academy # 3712994, Area B2.

Last Updated: September 8, 2015

Website: Surpassing Excellence Academy


Surpassing Excellence Academy began the year with a membership of 21 members. Surpassing Excellence Academy needs 20 members by June 30th, 2018 to qualify for the Distinguished Club Program.

Goals 1 - 4 Communication Development

Our Plan to support our Club Members achieve their Educational Goals:

Begin by learning each member's goals outside of Toastmasters. Mentors or VPEs maps those real-life goals to the TI Ed Program. This helps too with scheduling club agendas and special events.

Speak outside the club at other organizations and participate in contests.

Club Members of Surpassing Excellence Academy who plan on completing a communication award this year:

Competent Communicator 1: Tawnya Berger on 2016-06-30

Competent Communicator 2: Doug Stoddard on 2016-06-30

Competent Communicator 3: Steve Piet on 2016-06-30

Competent Communicator 4: Garth Hassel on 2016-06-30

Advanced Communicator 1: Jeff Shoop on 2016-06-30

Advanced Communicator 2: Anne Fish on 2016-06-30

Goals 5 - 6 Leadership Development

Club Members of Surpassing Excellence Academy who plan on completing a leadership award this year:

CL, AL or DTM: Anne Fish on 2016-06-30

CL, AL or DTM: Terry Yackley on 2016-06-30

Goals 7-8 Membership Growth

Our Plan to attract new members and keep current members:
We recognize that travel wears on distant members. We understand that Lance Miller has generally solved this problem and we plan to look into his methods.

Follow up with members' goals.

Celebrate members' successes -- not just TI awards, but any achievement the to which the member attributes success in part to Toastmasters experience. Members who connect their personal & professional achievements to Toastmasters have reason to invite their circle of influence to their club.

Pursue Division and District contestants. They tend to want to fast-track their progress and would appreciate the world-class coaching we bring.

Goal 9 Club Officer Training

Our Plan to get 75% of our Club Officers trained in the Summer AND in the Winter:

Continually recruit and encourage fresh leadership. Seasoned leaders need to continually step up to help make TLIs relevant and inspiring.

7 officers from club Surpassing Excellence Academy completed training in the Summer TLI.

0 officers from club Surpassing Excellence Academy completed training in the Winter TLI.

Goal 10 Club Management

Our Plan for our Club to submit Officer's Lists on time:
Meeting monthly, we include upcoming dues reminders while distributing the prior month's agenda. All intra-club communications are being focused through our FB Group.

How can the Area Director assist your Club to be successful?

Collaborate on Advanced Club trends and marketing - had initial discussions with Kip Meacham. The question that keeps coming up among presidents and area directors is what resources are available?

The Surpassing Excellence Academy President has requested a meeting with the Area B2 Director on 0000-00-00 to review the club’s Success Plan.

Club Surpassing Excellence Academy will review the success plan Monthly