The Distinguished Club Plan 2017 -2018
Speak EZ # 3063544, Area D3.

Last Updated: September 15, 2016

Website: Speak EZ


Speak EZ began the year with a membership of 9 members. Speak EZ needs 14 members by June 30th, 2018 to qualify for the Distinguished Club Program.

Goals 1 - 4 Communication Development

Our Plan to support our Club Members achieve their Educational Goals:

Keep better track of what speeches our members are on. Create tracking system. More hoopla when member reaches CC.

Club Members of Speak EZ who plan on completing a communication award this year:

Competent Communicator 1: Kelly Sawyer on 2016-06-30

Competent Communicator 2: Tammy Ferguson on 2016-06-30

Competent Communicator 3: Joanna Grindle on 2016-06-30

Competent Communicator 4: Debbie Cook on 2016-06-30

Advanced Communicator 1: Cindy Perry on 2016-12-31

Advanced Communicator 2: Craig Stratton on 2016-12-31

Goals 5 - 6 Leadership Development

Club Members of Speak EZ who plan on completing a leadership award this year:

CL, AL or DTM: Kelly Sawyer on 2016-12-31

CL, AL or DTM: Dan Dilsaver on 2016-12-31

Goals 7-8 Membership Growth

Our Plan to attract new members and keep current members:
Mentoring program to encourage retention of newest members. More advertising locally about the club. We also have a corporate sponsor who covers the membership dues for new members.

Goal 9 Club Officer Training

Our Plan to get 75% of our Club Officers trained in the Summer AND in the Winter:

Put it on the calendar and make it happen. Keep in touch with area director and be aware of upcoming trainings. Make it a priority for officers.

6 officers from club Speak EZ completed training in the Summer TLI.

0 officers from club Speak EZ completed training in the Winter TLI.

Goal 10 Club Management

Our Plan for our Club to submit Officer's Lists on time:
Need to have a club calendar of when things are due.

How can the Area Director assist your Club to be successful?

Regina Eco has already done us a great service by coming out to Vernal to complete our officers' training. Our club learned quite a bit in one meeting about how we can improve and grow our club.

The Speak EZ President has requested a meeting with the Area D3 Director on 2016-10-20 to review the club’s Success Plan.

Club Speak EZ will review the success plan Every other month