The Distinguished Club Plan 2017 -2018
Jack C High Club # 1489, Area B1.

Last Updated: June 25, 2016

Website: Jack C High Club


Jack C High Club began the year with a membership of 25 members. Jack C High Club needs 20 members by June 30th, 2018 to qualify for the Distinguished Club Program.

Goals 1 - 4 Communication Development

Our Plan to support our Club Members achieve their Educational Goals:

Share success plan with club members. Attempt to get commitment for at least the next award they are in line to earn. VPE is working with members to get information on their goals.

Club Members of Jack C High Club who plan on completing a communication award this year:

Competent Communicator 1: Larry Taylor on 2017-06-30

Competent Communicator 2: Donna Park on 2017-06-30

Competent Communicator 3: Julie Hawkes on 2017-06-30

Competent Communicator 4: Darin Lords on 2017-06-30

Advanced Communicator 1: Michael Nelson on 2017-06-30

Advanced Communicator 2: on 2017-06-30

Goals 5 - 6 Leadership Development

Club Members of Jack C High Club who plan on completing a leadership award this year:

CL, AL or DTM: Donna Park on 2017-06-30

CL, AL or DTM: on 2017-06-30

Goals 7-8 Membership Growth

Our Plan to attract new members and keep current members:
Expand Website and social media.

Use website to interest prospective members, respond to questions, interest promptly. Use different themes for club meetings and once a month conduct a speech workshop.

Also we answer any questions from people who are looking in a timely manner! Then follow up if we do not see them at the club!

Goal 9 Club Officer Training

Our Plan to get 75% of our Club Officers trained in the Summer AND in the Winter:

VP Education is working with the members and creating personal goals.

If a member has not been to the club for a couple of weeks VP Membership contacts them.

We are starting to have special speeches from members in the months that do not have holidays. These speeches are on things those members have extended knowledge on a subject. They are 15-17 minutes long. Adding variety to the meetings. This also helps with mentoring the older members of the club.

We are also having themed holiday meetings that let us have lots of fun!

5 officers from club Jack C High Club completed training in the Summer TLI.

0 officers from club Jack C High Club completed training in the Winter TLI.

Goal 10 Club Management

Our Plan for our Club to submit Officer's Lists on time:
Promote the officer training/TLI with rich content so they want to come and learn.

How can the Area Director assist your Club to be successful?

The Area Director is in communications with the President and VPE of the club. They actively participate in meetings and provides input to officers.

The Jack C High Club President has requested a meeting with the Area B1 Director on 0000-00-00 to review the club’s Success Plan.

Club Jack C High Club will review the success plan every three months